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Centre of Advanced Studies for Artificial Intelligence

an ambitious project

It puts us in tune with the future that has already arrived, beyond rhetoric, and that wants to combine the scientific dimension with the cultural one, the academic component with the industrial and professional one.
01. Artificial intelligence will run through our social lives
02. It is a very delicate anthropological leap
03. It's a Philosophical Question
04. Involving all areas of human knowledge: Law, Philosophy, Arts, Labor Law, Medicine, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Cybersecurity
Purpose and organization

Who we are

Who we are

The Centre of Advanced Studies for Artificial Intelligence - CSAIA Association - is an organization that brings together academics, scholars, researchers, computer scientists, and entrepreneurs who conduct research to apply AI systems created under human supervision for its well-being.

What we do

The aggregation of all fields of knowledge, both scientific and humanistic, has the aim of applying AI systems that enable in-depth learning of an infinite amount of data - Deep Learning - and the creation of neural networks - Neural Networks - that closely approximate those of a human being, facilitating every action.

How we do it

CSAIA involves members from various universities, entrepreneurs conducting research in all fields of knowledge, specific public and private research institutions for educational training, courses, master's programs, and the implementation of programs - Machine Learning, Robotics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) - aimed at the use of AI for the benefit of the community in various sectors.

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9 marzo 2024

Riunione Plenaria del Comitato scientifico

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